Then and Now

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It’s an extraordinary love story- Laurie McCarthy

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Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots in Reign (TV Series, 2014). [x]

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teen wolf meme:  [3/?] qoutes » 3x11 alpha pact

"Okay the three of you will get in. Wach of us will hold you down until you’re essentially …Well dead. But it it’s not just someone to hold you under. It needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone that has a strong connection to you, a kind of  E M O T I O N A L   T E T H E R.  Lydia you go with Stiles.”

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For me, being sexy is about feeling comfortable enough to do something totally brave, like walk up to a cute guy and spark a great conversation. I ask myself, What would I want to wear to meet a new guy? The answer isn’t a shirt that shows off mega cleavage; it’s a long boho dress or a pencil skirt with this particular blazer that I absolutely love. I like knowing that when I talk to a guy, he’s actually paying attention to what I’m saying.

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tyler hoechlin: a summary (inspired by x)

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